All Lumber Buddy™ units are rated to hold a 10,000 lb load capacity.

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"New Best Friend"


They won’t call in sick, they don’t require Workmen's Comp or benefits, and best of all, they’ll help your current employees work safer and smarter than ever before.

More Efficient

The Lumber Buddy™ Portable Workstation goes where you are working ending wasted trips across the yard.

Less Congestion

By spreading out your work areas, your yard becomes less congested, safer and more efficient. Far more efficient than old-fashioned bump posts or even staging areas.

Less Stress

By using the  Lumber Buddy™ Portable Workstation, hand stacking can be done at waist level, reducing strain on worker's backs. Because of the increased height of the platform, visibility is enhanced when using the Lumber Buddy™ Portable Workstation to split bundles.


Hand stacking is made much more efficient by using leverage, then by using your forklift to adjust the products to the correct height. The weight of the Lumber Buddy™ Portable Workstation 850 lb. gives you a sure footing when splitting unit.

Adjustable Height

Using your forklift to adjust products to the correct stacking height enables you to hand stack much more efficiently. Units remain square and tight against the uprights while splitting; unlike trying to split freestanding open units.


Using your forklift to backslide products minimizes hand stacking and decreases the need to get on and off your truck to set stickers. Splitting units will not only reduce your chance of injury but it will increase productivity as well.